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Seller's these days need solutions.  We are constantly reviewing options and creating programs for all of our Seller's no matter what they are trying to achieve. Is it a quick and convenient  sale? Netting the most amount of money? Buying first and Selling later? Review all of our options and see which one is the best fit for you.

Instant Cash Offer

Get an instant cash offer, close on your timeline, sell it as-is, and save thousands on traditional closing costs! This option provides Convenience, Control, and Certainty as you will receive an offer without the inconvenience of showing, open houses or even cleaning up. You get to control the timeline vs having to work with a traditional home buyer’s schedule. You can even remain in your home for up to 2 weeks post-closing to make your move more convenient and relaxed. Anything you don't want to take with you to your next home, leave it behind, we will take care of it. This is truly the easy button.

Fix and Flip your Own House

Maximize your sales price by fixing up your property before you list it. We'll handle everything from start to finish so you can improve its condition and sell it for the highest amount possible. Lean on us and our construction and design expertise to make sure we are maximizing your value with the right finishing and proven designer selected pallets. Best of all, we have a program that allows homeowners to defer payment of the renovation to the closing date. Conditions apply

Buy then Sell

Buying and selling a property at the same time can become a very stressful situation as there are many moving parts. This option helps you focus on one transaction at a time without the hassles of the traditional sale process. Ideally, everyone would love to buy their next home first however this is not always possible. This program was created to help eliminate the fear of "being homeless" allowing home sellers and their lenders the Sale Assurance they needed to be able to buy their next property first. Then sell for top dollar on their own ideal timeline.

Sell and Stay

The Sell & Stay option allows you to sell your home, but remain in it as a tenant. Now you can access your equity without having to leave the home you love. The simple buy back option gives you the freedom to become the titled owner again if you so choose. Once market value has been determined, we design a rental price as well as your buy back option This starts with a simple home appraisal!

Seller Assurance

Our Seller Assurance program allows you to take your home to the market like a traditional property listing while still offering you a back up plan with the instant cash offer

Day to Day

Take your property to market the traditional way, using our proven 3P system to position your home as the obvious choice in your market space

To find out more about our seller options reach out to our team and we will help identify the right one for you. Let's review the solutions together. 

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