Southeast Calgary Schools | 2023 Guide to Public, Private, and French  School Calgary

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With new homes, up-and-coming neighborhoods, beautiful parks, and a blossoming restaurant scene, it’s no wonder Southeast Calgary is one of the fastest growing areas in The City of Calgary, AB.

If you’re raising children in SE Calgary, Alberta, finding the right school is just as important as finding the right home.

This guide shows you the best elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in the Southeast quadrant of Calgary, AB. We cover both English and French immersion programs for students in Kindergarten through Grade 12 in the Southeast Calgary communities of Auburn Bay, Copperfield, Cranston, DouglasDale, Mahogany Lake, McKenzie Towne, McKenzie Lake, New BrightonRiverbend, and Seton.


About Southeast Calgary Schools | SE Calgary Schools | Elementary and Secondary Schools

Schools in Southeast Calgary are run by 3 separate school districts: The Calgary Board of Education (public), Calgary Catholic School District (private), and the Board School FrancoSud (private French immersion). The Calgary Board of Education offers both English instruction, French immersion programs, and a Spanish bilingual program. There are also a number of great daycares, preschools, and Montessori schools in the southeast quadrant.

Best Elementary Schools in Calgary & Southeast Calgary (Ranked by the Fraser Institute)

Our Southeast Calgary elementary school rankings are based on the latest Fraser Institute School Performance report cards. The Fraser Institute is a Canadian public policy think tank that ranks elementary and high schools by evaluating standardized tests given to students in grade 4 to 7 in reading, writing, and mathematics. In Southeast Calgary, Catholic private schools brought home the top marks from the Fraser Institute, with Prince of Peace leading the pack with a score of 8.1 out of 10.

Rankings for Southeast Calgary Elementary Schools in 2022

Southeast Calgary School


Fraser Institute Score (out of 10)

Prince of Peace

Auburn Bay


Christ the King



Our Lady of the Rosary



Monsignor JS Smith



St. Marguerite

New Brighton


St. Albert the Great

McKenzie Towne


Divine Mercy School



St. Isabella



Note: As of 2022, the Fraser Institute has not yet ranked any secondary schools or public schools in Southeast Calgary. We will update this section as soon as new information becomes available.

French Immersion Schools in Southeast Calgary

The City of Calgary is part of Alberta’s Francophone Education Region No. 4, with public education programs in french immersion for Kindergarten to grade 12 students.


Sundance School | K - 6 (Calgary Board of Education)

The Sundance School is a public, early French immersion school with over 400 students in grades K to 6 that’s located west of the Bow River - just 10 to 15 minutes drive from Southeast Calgary, Alberta.

École de la Source | K - 12 (CBE)

École de la Source is a French public school in Southeast Calgary for students in Kindergarten (Maternelle) through Grade 12 with athletics programs in badminton, basketball, cross country, track, and volleyball.

Catholic French Immersion Schools Calgary, Alberta

École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix | K - 6 (FrancoSud)

École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix is a French Catholic school in Southeast Calgary offering faith based education and well being for students in kindergarten (maternelle) through grade 6 (6e année). École Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix also offers pre-Kindergarten French immersion education for ages 3 to 5.


École Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys | K - 12 (FrancoSud)

École Sainte-Marguerite-Bourgeoys is a Catholic French immersion school in Southwest Calgary. Primary students enjoy activities like physical education, liturgical celebrations, and extracurricular programs in music & dance offered by specialists. Secondary students at St Marguerite can go on international educational trips, sports outings, or pursue leadership internships. Sports for grades 7, 8, and 9 include cross-country running, volleyball, basketball, badminton, and track & field.



Auburn Bay Schools, SE Calgary

Between 2022 to 2024, there 3 new schools opening in Auburn Bay and Mahogany which will result in new, adjusted boundaries and grade configurations for residents in Auburn Bay, Mahogany, and Seton.


Drone photo of Auburn Bay School in SE Calgary, AB

Auburn Bay School | K - 6 (CBE)

Auburn Bay School is a newly-built community school serving up to 668 elementary students from Grades K to 6 in Auburn Bay and Seton. Their motto is, “Care, Create, Collaborate.” View the Auburn Bay School profile for their attendance area and walk zone.


Bayside School | K - 4 (CBE)

Bayside School is an elementary school in the SE Calgary, Alberta community of Auburn Bay offering education from grades K to 4, which will be expanded to include grade 5 in 2023-2024. Darby McAsey is the principal and Calleigh Harder is the assistant principal​.


Auburn Bay Middle School | Grades 5-9 (CBE)

Auburn Bay Middle, also known as Lakeshore School, is a junior high in Southeast Calgary, Alberta for up to 900 students in Grades 5 to 9 that is anticipated to open a few weeks into the school year in September or October 2022. Lakeshore School will offer regular programming to students in Grade 5-9 in 2022-23 and Grade 6-9 in 2023-24. Ian Fero is the principal and Nathan DeBoer is the assistant principal.” Due to construction delays, they have not yet provided a definitive open date.


Prince of Peace School | K - 9 (Calgary Catholic School District - CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 8.1

Prince of Peace School is a Catholic elementary school that first opened in September 2016 with capacity for 900 students in Grades K to 9. Prince of Peace gets the highest marks from the Fraser Institute amongst Southeast Calgary Schools, making it our top pick for Southeast Calgary’s best school. Prince of Peace strives to be more like Jesus by their  thoughts and actions, and to promote Peace in our school and community.


Mahogany Schools

Mahogany School will offer kindergarten to Grade 4 programming in 2022-23 and expand to include Grade 5 in 2023-24. Students attending Riverbend School will be re-designated to Mahogany School. In the future, Mahogany School is expected not to have enough space for all students in the community. When that happens, some Mahogany students will attend the newest elementary school in Auburn Bay.

Mahogany will be designated to the new Auburn Bay middle school. Students from Mahogany currently attending Sherwood will be re-designated to Auburn Bay. If Grade 8 students want to stay at Sherwood School for their Grade 9 year, contact your principal before Feb. 16, 2022. Students from Mahogany currently in Grades​ 5 and 6 at Riverbend School will automatically be enrolled in the new Auburn Bay middle s​chool for the next school year.


Elevation photograph of Divine Mercy School, SE Calgary
Divine Mercy | K - 6 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 6.0

Divine Mercy is a Catholic elementary school for 650 students that’s located in the community of Mahogany in Southeast Calgary, AB. Divine Mercy School opened in 2018. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, trust, and mutual support Divine Mercy School aims to build a tradition of caring and excellence.


Mahogany School | K - 4 (CBE) Mahogany Elementary School Calgary

Mahogany School is a new public elementary school for up to 600 students in K to 4 that aims to open in September 2022. The principal at Mahogany Elementary School Calgary, Tracy Kohan, has worked as an educator with the CBE for nearly 30 years as a music specialist and elementary classroom teacher. View the Mahogany School attendance area to see if your child can attend.


Seton Schools

Kindergarten to Grade 5 student​s will be re-designated to Cranston School, and Grade 6-9 students will be designated to Dr. George Stanley School. Seton students currently attending Nickle School may remain at the school if they wish. However, transportation services from the Seton community to Nickle School will end on June 30, 2022. Students currently attending Auburn Bay School may remain at Auburn Bay School if they wish; however, transportation will not be provided. Transportation will be provided to Cranston School and Dr. George Stanley School in the future.


Photo of the front of Joane Cardinal school in winter

Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School | Grades 10 to 12 (CBE)

Joane Cardinal is a public senior high school with the Calgary Board of Education for up to 1600 students in grades 10 to 12. Due to high enrollment and limited classroom space, some students have reported that classes occasionally take place in hallways via Google reviews.


Copperfield Schools, SE Calgary

photo of Copperfield School in Calary, AlbertaCopperfield School | K - 5 (CBE)

Copperfield School is a brand new elementary school for students in Grades K to 5 with experienced teachers, a strong music program, and a range of clubs, activities, & extracurriculars. As part of the CBE, Copperfield offers a personalized learning experience to engage, inspire, and help students achieve their full learning potential.


St. Isabella Elementary Junior High School | K - 9 (Calgary Catholic School District)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 6.0/10

St Isabella is a Calgary Catholic School District school that was built in 2012 and serves around 920 students from grades K to 9 each academic year. St. Isabella serves students in Copperfield, Elgin, and Inverness.


Cranston Calgary Schools

Cranston School | K - 5 (CBE)

Cranston School is a K to 5 public elementary school with an enrollment capacity for 376 students in the communities of Cranston and Seton. Cranston School’s values are, “We support the whole child. We celebrate growth. We honour diversity.” Their principal is Lone Just-Tuff and the assistant principal is Andrea Bodley. Check the Cranston School profile to view their attendance area and walk zone.


Christ The King Catholic School | Calgary Private School K to 9 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 7.4

Christ The King Catholic is a private school serving over 750 K to 9 students in Southeast Calgary. First opened in 2010, Christ The King Catholic School aims to build “a strong partnership between home, school and parish with a common academic focus of Learning For All… Whatever It Takes.”  Students who attend Lady of Rosary in Cranston are automatically transferred to Christ The King. Christ the King grade 9 students are automatically transferred to All Saints High School for grades 10 to 12. Christ the King school is currently under restricted enrollment.

Our Lady of the Rosary | Calgary Private Elementary School K - 6 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 7.3

Our Lady of the Rosary is a separate school / independent school located in the Calgary, AB community of South Cranston that first opened its new facility in 2017. Their bus routes service addresses in Cranston - but students in any Calgary neighborhood can attend via personal transportation.

Sibylla Kiddle School in Cranston, SE Calgary

Sibylla Kiddle School | K - 5 (CBE)

Sibylla Kiddle is an elementary school in the Southeast Calgary community of Cranston that opened in September 2020 with enrolment capacity for 407 students. The principal is Brad Emery - who gets glowing reviews from parents - and the assistant principal is Vanessa Fraser.

DouglasDale Schools

Douglasdale School

Douglasdale School | K to 4 (CBE)

Douglasdale School is an early elementary school with a great playground for students in kindergarten to grade 4. Douglasdale School follows the Start Smart, Stay Safe (S4) initiative, a collaborative community effort between Calgary Police Service, the Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Catholic School District, and Mount Royal University.  Their school motto is “Imagine | Explore | Create.”


Monsignor JS Smith school in Douglasdale, SE Calgary

Juvenescence - Monsignor JS Smith | K - 6 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 7.1

Juvenescence is a separate Catholic school in the community of Douglasdale/Glen for students in kindergarten to Grade 6. Their team of Early Childhood Educators share a common passion for caring for children, academic rigour, and creating a stable, nurturing environment. Juvenescence offers Before & After School Care programs, Winter & Spring programs, and a Summer Camp, but does not offer a lunch or snack program.

McKenzie Lake Schools

St. John Henry Newman School (Cardinal Newman) | K - 9 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Score: 7.2

St. John Henry Newman School is an elementary and junior high in McKenzie Lake for over 650 students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 that opened in 1992. St. John Henry Newman School is well known throughout South Calgary for their Gifted and Talented program, which nurtures students with enriched programs that challenge them towards academic performance and academic excellence. They also offer a Hockey Canada Skills academy for Junior High students with 2 ice times per 6 day cycle.

McKenzie Lake School | K - 6 Calgary Board of Education (CBE)

McKenzie Lake School is a public elementary school With enrollment capacity for 428 students that’s located next to McKenzie Lake Preschool, across from McKenzie Lake Residents Association. Every classroom has cutting edge technology like laptops, iPads, and SmartBoards - and cultivates vegetables using grow lights, solar power, and Earthboxes. McKenzie Lake is an S4 (Start Smart, Stay Safe) school. McKenzie Lake students transfer to Mountain Park School for Grade 5 to 9.


Mountain Park School | Grade 5 - 9 (CBE)

Mountain Park School is a junior high / middle school in McKenzie Lake for up to 721 students in Grade 5 to 9. Mountain Park is fully networked with a media lab and computers in each classroom, specialist core teachers, daily physical education, and a music program for all grades. Mountain Park serves students in Quarry Park, Douglas Glen, Douglasdale, McKenzie Lake, and Mountain Park.


McKenzie Towne Schools

photo of McKenzie Towne School (Calgary Board of Education)McKenzie Towne School | K - 4 (CBE)

McKenzie Towne School is an elementary school for up to 521 students in Grades K to 4 that opened in 2010. Their principal is Lorraine Slater, and their school motto is “Imagine; Inquire; Inspire.” McKenzie Towne School offers a weekly music program taught by specialists, and daily physical education.


McKenzie Highlands School | Grades 4 - 9 (CBE)

McKenzie Highlands School is a middle school for up to 809 students in Grades 4 to 9 that opened in 2016 and serves the Calgary, Alberta community of McKenzie Towne. McKenzie Highlands hosts an annual play, talent show, almost 30 extracurricular clubs, and field trips to the West Coat, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City.


St Albert The Great Elementary and Junior High School | K - 9 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking:  6.5

St. Albert the Great School is a Catholic school in Calgary, Alberta for up to 600 students in the communities of McKenzie Towne, Prestwick (K to 9) and New Brighton (7 to 9). Their school patron is Albertus Magnus, who made significant contributions to logic, psychology, metaphysics, meteorology, mineralogy, and zoology during the 13th century.


New Brighton Schools

Dr Martha Cohen School | Grade 5 - 9 (CBE)

Dr. Martha Cohen School is a middle school first opened in 2017 for up to 941 students in Grades 5 to 9. Dr. Martha Cohen serves the communities of New Brighton and Copperfield with a school mantra of “Courage, Perseverance, and Wisdom.”


New Brighton School | K - 5 (CBE)

New Brighton School is an elementary school in Southeast Calgary, Alberta that serves up to 513 students in Kindergarten to Grade 5. Their principal is Patrick Murphy, and their school motto is “Learning as Unique as Every Student.” Check their school profile to see their walk zone and attendance area.


St. Marguerite School | K - 6 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 6.8

St. Marguerite School is a K-6 Catholic school serving New Brighton that first opened in 2016. Their principal is Kim Fradette, and their school motto is "serving others with humility, strength and love."


Riverbend Schools, SE Calgary

Holy Angels School | K-6 (CCSD)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 7.5

Holy Angels School is a separate elementary school with CCSD for students in Grade K to 6 that first opened in 2001 in the SE Calgary community of Riverbend. Holy Angels School is a learning organization in which staff and parents encourage and assist children to reach their full potential, meet the challenges of life, serve their community, and journey in faith with God, through Christ in the Spirit. With a 7.5 Fraser Rank, Holy Agels is one of the top Calgary schools.

Riverbend School | K - 6 (Calgary Board of Education)

Fraser Institute Ranking: 5.5

Riverbend School is an elementary school for up to 588 students in Grades K to 6 with a motto to “Take care of yourself; Take care of each other; Take care of this place.” Check their school profile for details on their walk zone, attendance area, and administration contacts.

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